Passive Acoustic Monitoring Training Materials

Video recording of hybrid PAM training workshop

I led this May 2022 at Centre ValBio & via Zoom. I discussed different use cases in research & conservation, the technology involved, parameters to set for device configuration, how to deploy recorders, and options for analyzing passive acoustic data. Malagasy translations are given throughout the recording, and PDF’s of the slides with Malagasy & French translations are available below. This was a hybrid event, with in-person attendees receiving hands-on training configuring & setting up recorders on their own. Because of this, there are some parts of this recording which have been removed as they were the times we were doing the in-person activities & not on the computer/Zoom. We also had some technical difficulties with the power rebooting, and screens not sharing correctly, so there are some parts of the recording where the slides are not visible (e.g., ~18:40 mark), but you can visit the link below to download a PDF of the slides to follow along yourself. In-person translating & translations of the slides were done by Rija Rafamantanantsoa, University of Antananarivo.  

PDF of slides used in training workshop: 

Non-exhaustive list of scientific papers on terrestrial passive acoustic monitoring

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